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Search & Classification

The entire contents of the London Review of Books online, including the full article text and metadata, can be searched and refined with interactive faceted browsing that is designed to provide accurate search results.

Powerful range of search options

  • Quick search is available from every page, employing a range of sophisticated algorithms to return the best result
  • Advanced search supports Boolean operators, date ranges, and options to search for reviewed books by author, title, ISBN, publication date and publisher
  • Post-search filtering options to refine results – for example by article type, by contributor as well as classification: name, subject, place, period, keyword
  • Search results can be sorted by relevance, newest or oldest

Comprehensive browsing features

  • Contributors – a full list of contributors and their articles
  • Categories – dynamic faceted browsing by contributors, reviewed authors, article type, subjects, places, historical period, keywords and names
  • Issue – find articles by issue and year of publication

Every article fully classified

The London Review of Books provides all the benefits of faceted classification, a set of tags which reflects the essential components of an article and allows articles to be associated appropriately with each other. Effective classification is moderate and lucid; reflects the preponderance of the article, and presents an all-embracing and useful picture of what an article covers.

Subject and key topic classify the main discipline or subject matter of the article; what the article is reviewing; the field in which this topic would be studied; or the appropriate category.

'Feathered Wombs' by Zoe Heller

Reviewed Book: 'Paradise' by Toni Morrison
Subjects: Literature & Literary Criticism, Fiction, Novels

'Persuasive Philosophy' by Richard Rorty

Reviewed Book: 'Philosophical Explanations' by Robert Nozick
Subject: Philosophy

'Elections in Zimbabwe' by R W Johnson

Subject: politics and economics; political systems
Key topic: Elections

'Why anything? Why this?' by Derek Parfit

Subjects: Sci. Tech. & maths, Physics, Cosmology

'Dressing and undressing' by Anita Brookner

Reviewed Books: 'The language of clothes', 'Dior in Vogue', 'Chanel in her world' etc.
Key topic: Fashion

'Suck, Cheri' by E.S. Turner

Reviewed Book: 'Sugar-Plums and Sherbet: A Prehistory of Sweets' by Laura Mason
Key topic: Food

'Jews' Harp' by Gabriel Josipovici

Reviewed Book: 'Penguin book of Hebrew Verse' by T Carmi
Subject: Literature & Literary Criticism, Poetry
Key topic: Judaism

Person identifies significant individuals featured in articles, where they are not the author of the book being reviewed.

'Homer's Skill' by Hugh Lloyd-Jones

Reviewed Book: 'Homer, Iliad XXIV' by Colin Macleod
Person: Homer

'Charles and Alfred' by J I M Stewart

Reviewed Book: 'Studies in Tennyson' by Hallam Tennyson
Person: Tennyson, Alfred Lord


Place is used where it carries particular significance for the article, or in fiction, the residing country of the author. Where a particular city or country is discussed in detail then it is reflected in the classification. Place is a hierarchical classification.

'The Great Lie' by Charles Glass

Reviewed Book: 'Fabricating Israeli History', 'The changing image of Zionism' etc.
Place: Middle East, Israel & Palestine

'Soaking in Luang Prabang' by Benedict Anderson

Person: South-East Asia, Laos

Period is added if the article discusses a specific period in length or a topic strongly associated with a particular time. Period is a hierarchical classification.

'Enisled' by John Sutherland

Reviewed Book: 'The Poetic Life of Matthew Arnold' by Ian Hamilton
Period: 1800-1899

'Shoe-Contemplative' by David Bromwich

Reviewed Book: 'The Day-Star of Liberty: William Hazlitt's Radical Style' by Tom Paulin
Period: 1800-1899, 1800-1819, 1820-1839

Every entry also has a classification by Article Type: Book reviews, essays, diary, blog posts, fiction, exhibition reviews, film reviews, memoirs, interviews, short cuts, poems and letters.