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Post-Democratic Broadcasting

Bias at the BBC

Tom Mills teaches sociology at Aston University. He is the author of The BBC: Myth of a Public Service.

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    • R. B. on Lecturer Wanted, £10 an hour: Sad indeed to report that, as an unemployed U.S. academic, my first reaction after reading the "plumbing new depths" terms of this job was to think it...
    • semitone on Destination Brexit: Hmmm. And for what it's worth, you were absolutely right.
    • piffin on Who supplied the gun?: It's a shame our fire-safety regulations aren't equally well admired.
    • Lashenden on Who supplied the gun?: Legally buying any firearm in the UK is very far from being 'scarily easy'. Despite much media misinformation, the misuse of legally held firearms by ...
    • Stu Bry on Sorry Not Sorry: Labour did not win this election but have a realistic path to a majority in the next one whenever that may be. They have also taken away the Tory majo...

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