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The Peace Camp’s Despair

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Uri Avnery on ‘The Pied Piper of Zion’:

The Israeli peace camp is in a state of despair. The size and power of the right wing is growing. Almost daily, obnoxious new laws are proposed and enacted, some of them with an unmistakable fascist flavor. The Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has surrounded himself with a bunch of male and female rowdies mainly from his Likud party, compared to whom he is a liberal. The main opposition party, the “Zionist Camp” (alias Labor), could be called Likud B.

Apart from some dozens of fringe groups who brave this wave and do admirable work, each in its chosen niche, the peace camp is paralyzed by its own despair. Its slogan could well be “Nothing can be done anymore. No point doing anything”.

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  1. editor@dailydetox.org says:

    Three weeks ago the Israeli writer Ronit Matalon took a similarly pessimistic look at Israel in her interview with Le Monde.(January 9 edition). A translation is available at http://www.dailydetox.org. Scroll a little down from the top.

  2. Graucho says:

    Taking the long view, demographics will determine the matter. The ultra orthodox settlers are out breeding other Israelis, the Palestinians are outbreeding all Israelis and most important of all Israel’s traditional base of support in the U.S. Jews and Christian evangelicals are shrinking as a proportion of the population. It is quite conceivable that a couple of generations down the road a U.S. government will decide that an ultra orthodox utterly intransigent Israel is more trouble than it is worth and impose a settlement at the point of a cheque book. The inconvenient truth about terrorism is that it is all too often effective as the Stern gang and the Irgun amply demonstrated and as so did the IRA who now have their hands on the levers of power in Northern Ireland.A bloody road ahead I fear.

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