Edited and directed by Vicky Featherstone and John Tiffany
Co-edited by Andrew O’Hagan
Interviews by Paul Flynn, Deborah Orr and Ruth Wishart
Presented in partnership with the London Review of Books

In 2012 the London Review of Books co-produced a new play with the National Theatre of Scotland. Enquirer is about the state of British journalism, its bad behaviour and its uncertain future. The play, which can also be seen as a debate, was compiled from sixty hours of interviews with senior figures from every major English and Scottish newspaper, carried out by Deborah Orr, Ruth Wishart and Paul Flynn.

The interviews were edited down by Andrew O’Hagan, a contributing editor at the LRB, together with the play’s directors. Enquirer was built from these extracts, just as the extremely successful Black Watch was based on interviews with members of the regiment, and has the same director, John Tiffany (the artistic director of the NTS, Vicky Featherstone, co-directed).

The production has been constantly updated to take account of any new stories. The play was performed not in a theatre but in promenade spaces designed to mirror newspaper offices.

The cast included Maureen Beatty (The Cherry Orchard, Lewis), John Bett (Antony and Cleopatra, Gregory’s Girl), James Anthony Pearson (Control), Gabriel Quigley (Dear Green Place), Billy Riddoch (Burke and Hare) and Hywel Simons (The Bill).

For exclusive videos, audio, photographs and cast interviews from the play go to: enquirer.lrb.co.uk.

Further information: www.nationaltheatrescotland.com

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