Heaney Overheard

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Seamus Perry and Mark Ford discuss the work of Seamus Heaney. (Image: Corbis/Louis Quail)

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Poems by Heaney

Michael Longley: Room to Rhyme (2015)

Tony Harrison: Polygons (2015)

Colin Burrow: You’ve listened long enough (2016)

Michael Hofmann: A Big Life (2015)

Stephanie Burt: A Bit Like Gulliver (2009)

Patrick McGuinness: Roaming the stations of the world (2002)

Terry Eagleton: Hasped and Hooped and Hirpling (1999)

John Kerrigan: Hand and Foot (1999)

James Wood: Scruples (1996)

David Trotter: Troubles (1988)

Paul Muldoon: Sweaney Peregraine (1984)

Brian Moore: English Fame and Irish Writers (1980)

Christopher Ricks: The Mouth, the Meal and the Book (1979)

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