On John Berger

From the London Review Bookshop

A discussion of John Berger’s work to mark his 90th birthday.

This podcast was a collaboration between the London Review Bookshop and Verso Books, recorded in November 2016 to mark John Berger’s 90th birthday. In discussion with Gareth Evans are Mike Dibb, director of Ways of Seeing, Yasmin Gunaratnam, editor of A Jar of Wild Flowers: Essays in Celebration of John Berger, and Tom Overton, author of Landscapes: John Berger on Art.

Read John Berger in the LRB:

John Berger: A Moment in Ramallah

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Peter Campbell: Agreeing with Berger
Ways of Telling: The Work of John Berger by Geoff Dyer

Frank Kermode: Vérités Bergères
Lilac and Flag by John Berger

John Barrell: Back of Beyond
Keeping a rendezvous by John Berger

Peter Wollen: Hare’s Blood
The Selected Essays of John Berger edited by Geoff Dyer

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