Video: Thomas Hardy in London

Mark Ford talks to Seamus Perry

Because Thomas Hardy is so closely associated with the rural Wessex of his novels, stories, and poems, it is easy to forget that he was, in his own words, half a Londoner. Mark Ford explores this dimension of Hardy’s life and work in his new book, Thomas Hardy: Half a Londoner, which he discussed with Seamus Perry at the London Review Bookshop. Ford and Perry are both regular contributors to the LRB; explore below some suggested further reading from the LRB archive, including a selection of their articles, as well as essays about Hardy by other writers, and a poem too.

Donald Davie on Hardy’s poetry

Patrick McGuiness on Donald Davie on Thomas Hardy

C.H. Sisson on Hardy’s correspondence

Tim Parks on The Return on the Native

James Wood reviews Claire Tomalin’s biography of Hardy

Mark Ford on Ted Hughes

Seamus Perry on Ted Hughes

Mark Ford on the new Nobel laureate in literature

Seamus Perry on George Meredith

‘If I’m Early’, a poem about Hardy in London by Hugo Williams

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