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“I have no doubt that having the complete archive of the LRB online will be of great scholarly and cultural value on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Linda Colley
Professor of History at Princeton University


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The London Review of Books is the largest literary magazine in Europe. It has appeared twice a month since 1979, and publishes in-depth reviews of books, as well as features on topical and political matters, poems, and reviews of films and exhibitions.

The London Review of Books online offers unique, high quality interdisciplinary content. The LRB archive contains over 700 issues – more than 12,500 articles. Each new issue contains at least 15 long essays and reviews where subjects are explored by leading experts from many academic fields.

All articles are closely edited and rigorously fact-checked by a team of professional editors, led by Mary-Kay Wilmers who has been an editor at the magazine since it was founded in 1979. A distinguished Editorial Board includes Linda Colley, Rosemary Hill, Michael Neve, Inigo Thomas, Jenny Turner, James Wood and Michael Wood.

The special appeal of the London Review of Books lies in the way it combines topicality with depth and scholarship with good writing, and isn’t afraid to challenge received ideas. The content is wide ranging, from pre-history to the present day, and is particularly valuable for faculty and students in the following areas:


London Review of Books only publishes original material, specially commissioned from academic, journalists and writers, who are leaders in their respective fields and distinguished exponents of the art of the English essay.

The generous space given to contributors means that, when they write for the LRB, they are not only giving valuable assessments of new work, but also contributing new work themselves. You can browse the full list of contributors with links to their articles.

The London Review of Books is also a unique resource for study of the history of British culture in the post-war period. Explore our special themed selections of in-depth articles:

American Politics and Current Affairs
British Politics and Current Affairs
Environmental Economics
Cultural History and the History of Ideas
History of Science and History of Medicine
Religion and Anthropology
Ancient History and Philosophy
Psychology and Psychoanalysis
Literary Criticism
Comparative Literature
Literary Theory
Novelists on Novelists and Other Things
Memoir and Travel
Art and Architecture