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At the Serpentine

· The Bidoun Library

Blitz Spirit

In Broadway Market

Why here, why now?

In Hackney

In Peckham

Great Glass Millefeuille

· The Shard

Still Singing

· On the March

The Medium Obscures the Message

· Photographing Dissent


The Gaze of Others


· The End of Social Housing

Invasion of the Boris Bikes

· Boris Bikes

Banksy’s Granny

Something else is alive

· Squirrels on crack and other urban animals


On Stage

· Bilingual Opera

Security Procedures

· Waiting at Embassies

Pipedreams in Battersea

· The Future of Nine Elms

No One’s Friend

· The New US Embassy


· Urban Fox Hunting

‘Cripes look out!’

Encounters Boris Johnson

Chartered Streets

Has His Bike Clamped


· Freedoms of the Medium Distance Cycle Courier

On Her Own

· Tracey Emin's Neighbours

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