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Does it help?

· Self-Referentiality

Once Upon a Wartime

· At the Imperial War Museum

Cui bono?

· Unterberg v. Carter

Bonfire of the Realities

· Italian Book Burnings

On Second Thoughts

The Price of Books

Product Placement

· Al-Qaida's 'Great Expectations'

· Bernie Madoff's Shoes

Virtual Bookshelves

· Google Editions

The Longest Journey

· Book-Burning

Odyssean Wylie, Book II

· Wylie and Random House make up


· British Book Design

Who was J.A. Baker?

· Chelmsford's Ahab

Odyssean Wylie

· Wylie v. Random House

Oh I get it, it’s a sci-fi novel!

buys David Markson's library

Worse, a robot!

· More blurbs

Wake all the dead!

· 'The Poet's Tongue'

Vindictive Tendencies

· Claire Bloom in 'The Bill'


· Paul Johnson's Idea of Evil

Stately, plump M. mycoides

· Genetic Criticism

Needs No Thanks

· Book Dedications

Coming to a Shelf Near You

· Book 'Trailers'

Me call Ishmael

· Measuring Meaning

Tenuously Reformed Pervert

· James Ellroy's Bad Habits

Trick or Treat?

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